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11 05, 2021

What is a Spinal Fusion?

By |2021-03-09T20:05:30+00:00May 11th, 2021|Spine Orthopaedics|0 Comments

A spinal fusion is a surgical procedure that helps relieve back pain. As back pain affects about 80 percent of the population, it is no surprise that the rate of individuals opting for this surgery has doubled since the start of the 21st century, and it has increased each year. Keep reading for more [...]

20 04, 2021

What is a Total Hip Replacement?

By |2021-03-04T16:27:39+00:00April 20th, 2021|Bone Health, Joint Pain|0 Comments

While the idea of any major surgery might be frightening, a total hip replacement, sometimes called total hip arthroplasties, is common. In the United States alone, orthopedic surgeons perform an estimated 450,000 total hip replacements every year, and researchers expect that number to rise. The popularity of total hip replacements stems from their effectiveness. Up [...]

8 04, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Meniscus Tears

By |2021-03-22T13:59:06+00:00April 8th, 2021|Joint Pain|0 Comments

One of the most common cartilage knee injuries is meniscus tears, with about 56% of men in their 70s to 90s tearing their meniscus compared to 19% of women in the same age group. However, anyone of any age can cause this injury. So, what is a meniscus tear? First, you need to understand what the [...]

22 03, 2021

What is Occupational Therapy?

By |2021-03-22T14:04:59+00:00March 22nd, 2021|Physical Therapy|0 Comments

Thousands of individuals undergo occupational therapy (OT) to improve the quality of their life. As of 2019, there were over 140,000 occupational therapists in the United States. Yet, few people understand what OT is and how it can help them in their everyday lives. We're celebrating National Occupational Therapy Month this April by explaining [...]

9 03, 2021

Exploring the Benefits of Occupational Therapy

By |2021-03-22T14:04:53+00:00March 9th, 2021|Practice News|0 Comments

April is Occupational Therapy Month, the perfect time to learn more about what occupational therapy (OT) is and how it has helped countless patients return to their normal lives. We’re celebrating this month by sharing the benefits of occupational therapy along with an interview with three of Cary Orthopaedics’ occupational therapists. Occupational therapy practitioners use [...]

8 03, 2021

What is Tennis Elbow?

By |2021-01-13T20:38:19+00:00March 8th, 2021|Joint Pain, Sports Medicine|0 Comments

Tennis elbow affects about 1% to 3% of the world’s population. And while that does not seem like many people, it makes a difference for tennis players because about 10% to 50% of these players will get it. And fun fact, about 5% of these cases are not tennis players. So now you may be [...]

22 02, 2021

The Benefits of Neuromuscular Massage Therapy for Back Pain

By |2021-01-07T22:08:00+00:00February 22nd, 2021|Spine Orthopaedics|0 Comments

Back pain is the single leading cause of disability in the world. Everyone eventually feels some type of back pain or weakness, whether it is from over-exertion, stress, injury or any other issues. Combined, Americans miss about 264 million workdays per year due to intense back pain. Back pain can be caused by many factors [...]

9 02, 2021

What to do When You Throw Your Back Out

By |2021-02-22T18:23:51+00:00February 9th, 2021|Bone Health, Joint Pain, Lifestyle, Spine Orthopaedics|0 Comments

As a major support structure for your body, your back needs to be in good condition for you to complete most everyday tasks. When you throw your back out, you can suddenly and unexpectedly experience acute pain and find your mobility severely limited. As we age, the cumulative wear and tear on our backs can [...]

19 01, 2021

Are You Suffering From Cold Weather Joint Pain?

By |2021-02-09T20:00:10+00:00January 19th, 2021|Joint Pain, Lifestyle|0 Comments

Those who experience chronic joint stiffness and pain often have more severe symptoms as the cold, damp winter blows in. Although the correlation between weather conditions and joint pain is inconclusive, people with osteoarthritis often report worse joint pain in the winter when the weather is cold and rainy. In one survey, 67% of [...]

7 01, 2021

Life After Joint Replacement

By |2021-04-12T18:24:52+00:00January 7th, 2021|Joint Pain|0 Comments

While joint replacement surgeries have become commonplace in today’s orthopaedic spectrum of care, the idea of having a painful joint removed and replaced with a synthetic joint can seem frightening. This article talks about the joint replacement recovery process to help patients feel more relaxed and prepared. History and prevalence of joint replacement surgery [...]

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