Have you avoided your orthopaedist because you dread the MRI exam? Do you have a fear of small, enclosed spaces? Are you worried about having to lie still for so long to get a good scan? Do you have concerns about being screened in a mobile MRI? Find out the latest in MRI technology.

Fortunately, the latest advancements in MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) technology address all these concerns and make orthopaedic diagnostics easier and more accurate than ever before. Cary Orthopaedics now offers open bore MRIs using the new Siemens MAGNETOM® Espree in a mobile unit that provides the same privacy and quality as any in-office exam room. This new equipment is designed with the patient in mind, enabling greater access to quality healthcare.

What’s new in MRI technology?

An open bore MRI machine is different from a traditional MRI by the size of the opening, or bore, where the patient lies. In a traditional MRI machine, the bore is only slightly larger than the patient. This can create a restrictive and uncomfortable feeling for many patients. The open bore MRI technology is better suited for larger or claustrophobic patients who experience difficulty with traditional MRI exams. With less constraint, an open bore exam allows for a more comfortable and pleasant patient experience, taking the discomfort and fear out of getting an MRI exam.

The new 70 cm bore diameter makes for CT-like comfort from an MRI scanner. The scanner is also remarkably short, enabling head-out or feet-first positions for 60% of exams. When a head-first exam is necessary, patients enjoy nearly one foot of space between the face and the magnet.

What are the benefits?

Benefits of this new MRI technology include:

  • Comfortable positioning of joints
  • Shorter exam time (about 40 minutes)
  • Motion correction capabilities
  • No repositioning needed
  • Advanced tissue imaging
  • Accommodate patients up to 550 lbs
  • More space for pain or mobility issues, respiratory problems and kyphosis

Will my insurance cover an open bore MRI?

Insurance coverage for the open bore Espree is no different than coverage for a traditional MRI. Pre-authorization for MRI exams is required by most insurance companies. We advise patients to work directly with their insurance provider to understand their MRI benefits. Benefits may vary for pre-authorization, co-pay requirements or deductible.

We see patients on Tuesdays and Saturdays at our Cary Parkway location for MRI exams utilizing the new Siemens MAGNETOM® Espree. Patients who are eager for a different kind of MRI experience need look no further than our new open bore mobile unit, the latest in patient care, comfort and convenience.

Please contact our Cary Parkway location to schedule your MRI today.