“I broke both of my elbows in a biking accident about six months ago. I was doing a lot of research for occupational therapists in the Raleigh/Durham area, and I couldn’t find many places with more than one therapist. Also, many of these clinics couldn’t get me in until a week and a half after surgery, and I knew I needed to start therapy as quickly as possible. My search led me to the highest-rated OT clinic I could find, Cary Orthopeadics. I appreciated that they could get me in just two days after my surgery, and I felt good about the fact there were multiple therapists instead of just one person providing care.

“OTs are really good at getting you in the right headspace. As someone who has never been this injured before, I didn’t know what to expect from OT. When I first walked in, I was pretty distraught, thinking I was never going to get my movement back after going seven weeks without moving. During my first few appointments, my occupational therapist, Sarah Rahman, evaluated me and worked to develop my treatment plan. She definitely helped me gain confidence in the process. 

“My treatment plan was always adapted as I hit milestones and continued growing stronger. What I really like about Sarah is that she saw how hard I was working and routinely spent extra time with me to make sure I was comfortable. She always answered any questions I had to make sure I could do the at-home exercises on my own, which is where 90% of my gains have come from. 

“When I was first injured, I couldn’t feed or dress myself. I started gaining my freedom back about a month into recovery. It was a big milestone for me when I could almost button the top button of my dress shirt. I began to feel more confident that the process was working because the body heals extremely slowly.

“There were multiple therapists at Cary Ortho, all who were great. When my OT was out, I was still able to continue therapy and get a different flavor of care from someone else. The treatment I received at Cary Ortho was extremely personalized to me, and I appreciated that.”

Occupational therapy in Raleigh

If you or a loved one are looking for expert occupational therapy treatment, look no further than Cary Orthopaedics. Now with three convenient OT locations in Cary, Morrisville and Holly Springs, you’ll find high-quality and personalized care with our therapists. Contact us today to learn more.