Eleanor Hunt,
Orthopaedic Patient

Mary Stevens,
Orthopaedic Patient

“At 74 years old I have been a happy patient of Cary Orthopaedics for 15 years. About five years ago, I had an appointment with Dr. Mark Curzan. He greeted me with a smile, a hello and a handshake. Because of his friendly nature, I thought to myself that this guy just might be my go-to ortho doctor for the future.

“Dr. Curzan is my hero! For the past several years, I have had to limit my distance running due to osteoarthritis in my left knee. Dr. Curzan has been thoughtful and enthusiastic and has never once told me I am too old to run.

During that visit, he reviewed my x-ray, explained what we were looking at and reflected on whether it was a good thing or bad. Next, he reviewed the treatment options with clear information and supported my choice.
During the next five years, I continued to have the same positive experiences.
Six weeks ago, I began having pain behind my left knee. I assumed a muscle or tendon was pulled. I took Ibuprofen and waited for it to improve. Two weeks later it was worse, and I was concerned it might be a deep vein thrombosis. My primary care physician ordered a venous Doppler, which fortunately was negative for a thrombosis. A few days later, as I was making my way through the grocery store, shooting pains began in that knee, and I had to make my way out mostly hopping on my right leg. I knew then it was time to see Dr. Curzan.
At that appointment, we decided an MRI would be best, and I returned a week later to learn the results. Not only did Dr. Curzan read the entire radiologist’s findings while explaining what they meant, he next pulled up the MRI on the computer screen and went through it himself, again with explanations, comments and treatment options. My knee is now much better because of treatment.
He is competent, he is thorough and he includes you in treatment decisions. His friendly attitude is the icing on the cake.”

Dr. Curzan suggested walking the hills and running the flats, which I do. He also suggested PRP therapy, and it completely changed my running experience. Here I am at 62, after my 9th Army Ten-Miler, and I ran all ten miles! Thanks to Dr. Curzan for listening to me and never discouraging me. He is the best!”