Kip Boatwright
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Kayla Hicks,
Orthopaedic Patient

Kip Boatwright, Comprehensive Spine Center Patient

Todd Barbour, Orthopaedic and Physical Therapy Patient

“I have a rare connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which causes my joints to just fall out of place, injure easily, and lots of pain and frustration. It is super rare to find a doctor who knows what it is and how to treat it.

 “I was referred to Dr. Bullock in 2011. I was impressed with her positive affect, bedside manner, knowledge and passion. Dr. Bullock guided me through medication, therapy and multiple procedures. She stood persistent by my side through my treatment, and she didn’t let insurance companies dictate my care.

“My shoulder issues started before I took up mountain biking. After living with increasing discomfort for some time, I finally met with Dr. Armour. After several visits over two years, a steroid injection and some at-home physical therapy, he recommended a scan.

So, when I tripped over my dog, fell and broke my foot, I went to the ER and they referred me out to orthopedic surgery for a follow-up. I called Cary Orthopaedics the next day and got a same-day appointment!

Kevin Morrison is the PA who has been working with me over the last few weeks, and I could not be more pleased with my experience. He is so sweet, caring, personable and willing to help. Mike, the man who does bracing and casting, is equally amazing and was super helpful with getting me feeling better and in a brace/cast that would not irritate my joints. I would love to continue to see Kevin, Dr. Martini and Cary Orthopaedics even after my foot is healed. I will be moving out of the Triangle area soon but will drive back just for the amazing care they provide. Cary Ortho does a great job with scheduling, COVID-19 safety protocols, follow-ups and little-to-no wait time for appointments. I sincerely wish every doctor in the world would have the same compassion and care for their patients as Cary Orthopaedics. ”

A couple of years later, I was injured in an accident. Fearful of reinjury and this outcome, Dr. Bullock took charge and did what she does best. This past year after being pain-free, I was involved in another freak accident; a heavy object slammed me into concrete. Although I now live in Surf City, NC, I was persistent to return to Cary and see Dr. Bullock. Having suffered a concussion, contused badly, and having difficulty walking, Dr. Bullock went to work. When the initial MRI didn’t match my symptoms, Dr. Bullock didn’t stop. She ordered a second MRI and compared my previous MRI films to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

I am truly blessed to have Dr. Bullock as my orthopaedist. In this busy world, physicians are so busy and patients often feel like they are just a number. However, throughout the years, Dr. Bullock has maintained her humor, smile, care, bedside manner, and most of all “passion.” She has a great rapport with her peers and staff. Her knowledge, expertise and skills set her apart. I have referred numerous friends who have had the same impression. Thank you, Dr. Nicole Bullock!”

The result was that I’d need a rotator cuff repair, bicep reattachment and bone spur repair – the works. Every step of the way, Dr. Armour was wonderful. He always takes the time to answer questions, provides concise information and advice, and continues to be truly concerned for my well-being. Dr. Armour is passionate about his craft and a true professional by every definition.

A week after surgery, I met with Tomasz Wolek to start physical therapy. I liked Tomasz from the start. He’s got a relaxed vibe, but make no mistake, he knows his stuff! He’s serious about caring for his patients and works hard to provide very personalized care, too. He always knew exactly where I was with my progression, asked specific questions about what was comfortable/working/hurting and tailored the next steps accordingly. Though I didn’t always look forward to the stretches and exercises, I found myself enjoying the mornings I had PT with Tomasz. I was so accustomed to the stories, jokes and friendly banter that I was bummed to learn my last visit was, well, my last visit!

I really can’t say enough great things about Dr. Armour and Tomasz Wolek, PT. They’re the real deal, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in need, middle-aged mountain biker or otherwise!”