Shawn Boyette, Total Knee Replacement Patient

Mary E. Smith, Orthopaedic and Physical Therapy Patient

Matt Panella, Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections Patient

“I have been struggling for years with severe osteoarthritis in both knees as well as my back, which was difficult at such a young age. Two years ago I became fully disabled as a result of the increased pain and was referred to Dr. Andersen.

“I was having sciatic nerve pain caused by weak muscles in my hip and thigh. Dr. Armour suggested PT. I did very well with my therapist, Marleen Bartok. I went to a recheck with Dr. Armour and he asked me how I felt. I replied, ‘good enough to do a triathlon!’

“I met Dr. Curzan in 2018 when I came to his office with persistent elbow pain. He greeted me with a smile and a firm handshake, which was most likely to check my grip and see how much pain I was really in, and it hurt!

He gave me a few solutions prior to having any surgery, because he wanted to try a less invasive treatment first. After two years of getting cortisone injections and physical therapy, we both knew that a total knee replacement would be the best option. I received educational instruction on the procedure as well as the after-care from Dr. Andersen’s nurse, who prepared me for what was to come.

After my surgery, I walked to the car with the help of my wife. I started physical therapy the next week and exceed my goals in each session. I was walking without my walker by my third-week post-op. I am now doing all of my normal activities, including things I couldn’t do before with my busy 4-year-old daughter. Dr. Andersen has always been so supportive along the way, and I have a better quality of life now. I’m so excited about having my other knee done. Dr. Andersen is by far the best surgeon in his field. He’s compassionate and patient. Thank you for giving me my life back and more quality time with my family.”
He said, ‘go for it,’ and I did! Rex Wellness Center offered a virtual triathlon and I signed up for it. This picture shows me after the 250-yard swim. Thank you, Dr. Armour for your encouragement! It’s just so great to feel well and have energy at 70-years-old!”
The diagnosis was tennis elbow, and he gave me two options: steroid injections or platelet-rich plasma (PRP). I didn’t know much about PRP, so I opted to go with steroids. After two treatments with little relief and after doing some research on PRP, I decided to go that route.

While the procedure was not comfortable, after about two months, I was pain-free and remain pain-free with 100% mobility almost two years later. I highly recommend PRP and Dr. Curzan. That combination will get you on the road to recovery in short order.”