TestimonialAt Cary Orthopaedics, we’re so grateful to be a part of the recovery process to help patients accomplish their goals! See the letter below that Dr. Armour received from a patient. It’s quite an accomplishment!

…and the last thing he said to me the morning of my last appointment was, “Trust me, you’ll thank me when it is all over.”

So, I trusted him and did what he said. And so now, I will thank him.

Dr. Armour,

Thank you for understanding my anxiety about my injury, my neurosis about running and my competitiveness. Thank you for providing to me a workout protocol that allowed me to begin my running training schedule once the hamstring healed. Thank you for telling me that sometimes more is simply just more, which allowed me to be okay with less training.

The Boston Marathon was unbelievable – better than I ever expected – an electric feeling for 26.2 miles. You were a huge part of my painless, enjoyable, rock star type of feeling run and so once again, I thank you.

Teresa Mann
2014 Boston Marathon Finisher