It is a common misconception that you need a referral or prescription to receive treatment from a physical therapist. In fact, a recent survey by the American Physical Therapy Association found that 70 percent of people think a referral is needed to start physical therapy. While this may still be true in some states, there are many states, including North Carolina, that no longer require a prescription, providing those in need with direct access to the care they desire.

In North Carolina, physical therapists offer “direct access,” allowing patients can see them directly without a referral from a doctor. This means you can now make an appointment with Cary Orthopaedics Physical Therapy for orthopaedic or spine PT without a prescription!

Physical therapy is often a good initial option for evaluation and treatment of an injury. PT is a conservative, non-invasive approach that in many cases can resolve pain and increase mobility without the need for further medical intervention.

Our highly-trained spine and sports medicine physical therapists provide top-rated, comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation services. Contact Cary Orthopaedics Physical Therapy today for an appointment at one of our four conveniently located Triangle physical therapy offices.