Cary Ortho now offers ENROUTE™ nutritional supplements for surgery recovery

Patients often ask us for advice on dietary actions they can take before and after their orthopaedic surgery to promote the healing process. The best diet for surgery recovery includes healthy proteins, vitamins and minerals. But it’s often hard to know exactly what to eat and to prepare healthy meals when you’re recuperating.

For this reason, we’re pleased to offer ENROUTE™, a science-backed nutrition program to help our patients prepare better and recover faster. ENROUTE is a four-week program consisting of daily drink formulas packed with muscle-fueling proteins, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

The ENROUTE program starts two weeks before your surgery and continues for two weeks after, ensuring you get the nutrition you need to maximize surgical healing. It also comes in plant-based options. Available in crafted drink flavors with high-quality ingredients, ENROUTE is easy to prepare – just pour, shake and drink.

Learn more from a registered dietician about the importance of nutrition during the surgery process:

ENROUTE is clinically tested and held to rigorous quality standards, with FDA- and GMP-certified manufacturing. With this surgical nutrition program, patients don’t have to second-guess the best diet for surgery recovery. We make it easy!

“Proper pre- and post-surgery nutrition can make a big difference in a patient’s recovery after an orthopedic surgery,” said Dr. Demetri M. Economedes, a hip and knee replacement specialist at UNC Health Cary Orthopaedics. “We encourage our patients to do all they can to preserve muscle mass and strength, promote wound health, and support their immune system.”

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