Spine injections are often the first step in treating back pain before considering surgery

Our spine doctors use a variety of spine injections to reduce pain and restore mobility. The goal of injection therapy is to reduce pain caused by inflammation and aid in the healing process. Spinal injections can provide the patient with enough pain relief from orthopaedic spine problems – such as osteoarthritis, arthritis or injury – to help transition from inactivity to physical therapy

Injections can also serve as a diagnostic tool by helping to localize the source of the pain. Cary Orthopaedics Spine Center can perform ultrasound-guided injections for increased accuracy when using injection therapy.

Cary Orthopaedics Spine Center offers an array of effective injections for neck and back pain including:

At the forefront of non-surgical orthopaedic treatments, stem cell spine injections use a patient’s own stem cells to treat osteoarthritis and soft tissue injuries in the spine. Regenerative stem cells are harvested from a patient’s bone marrow in the pelvis or hip bone. These cells are re-injected into the painful area to help rebuild spinal soft tissue, cartilage and bone, making them an excellent resource for speeding up the healing process and improving overall function. LEARN MORE

PRP therapy uses injections of a patient’s own platelets to accelerate the healing of injured joints, tendons and soft tissues of the spine. LEARN MORE 

Specific conditions that can be treated with PRP include:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tendonitis/chronic tendon injuries
  • Nerve damage and injury
  • Ligament and muscle injuries
  • Non-healing wounds

Cortisone or steroid shots are injections that help to relieve pain and inflammation in a small area in the spine, such as a specific joint or tendon. This type of injection offers quick relief for inflammation and is commonly used in the spine. LEARN MORE

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