It’s National Physical Therapy Month, and Cary Orthopaedics is proud to have an expert team of physical therapists who help improve our patients’ everyday lives! Sponsored by the American Physical Therapy Association, this awareness month exists to both celebrate the hard work of these providers and educate patients on the benefits of PT.

Physical therapy helps patients of all ages and abilities achieve pain-free movement, improve their strength and range of motion, and increase their overall quality of life. Here are just a few ways PT can help you thrive:

  • Maximize movement, strength and balance – Whether you’re rebounding from an acute injury or actively managing your mobility as you age, physical therapy can support your recovery and/or longevity. Our skilled physical therapists will work with you to diagnose specific mobility issues. Once the source of the problem is identified, they will develop a customized program to put you on the road to recovery. 
  • Be an active participant in your wellbeing – Physical therapy is a very much a collaborative process. Patients have unique needs and goals, and your therapist wants to know all about yours. Depending on your condition, your PT may guide you through therapeutic exercise and stretching, apply heat and cold packs, utilize electric stimulation, and perform dry needling, laser therapy, kinesio taping or other methods. Patients usually have “homework” to do own their own in between appointments to help accelerate the recovery process. 
  • Avoid opioid dependence – Pain from an orthopaedic injury can be overbearing at times, but excessive use of opioid painkillers is of growing concern in the U.S. Opiates are highly addictive, and side effects can cause depression or even overdose if not used properly. Physical therapy is the healthiest form of pain management – especially for long-term recovery and sustainable wellness.
  • Overcome the need for surgery – Physical therapy is often the best first step when a patient has a bone or joint injury or develops an orthopaedic condition. Depending on the specific issue, an intensive regime of PT can be just as effective as undergoing surgery, saving the patient from the costs recovery of an invasive procedure.

Find a Physical Therapist

Cary Orthopaedics has an excellent team of physical therapists who are ready to help you get back in motion! Meet our physical therapists, and contact our office to request an appointment.