Douglas J. Martini, M.D.It is with mixed emotions that we announce the retirement of Dr. Douglas Martini, a cherished member of our Cary Orthopaedics family. After an illustrious career spanning over three decades, Dr. Martini has decided to embark on the next chapter of his life, bidding farewell to his distinguished role as a sports medicine expert in our practice.

In 1993, Dr. Martini graced Cary Orthopaedics with his exceptional skills and unwavering dedication. With a wealth of experience under his belt, he became a beacon of excellence in the Triangle area, transforming the lives of countless patients and leaving a mark on our community.

Throughout his tenure, Dr. Martini’s contributions have been nothing short of extraordinary. He served as the esteemed Team Physician for the Carolina Hurricanes NHL hockey team from 2003 to 2006, a period that saw the team clinch the coveted Stanley Cup. Prior to this, he lent his expertise as the Team Physician for Campbell University. Dr. Martini has diligently served as the orthopaedic physician for Meredith College, enriching the lives of student-athletes through his profound commitment to their well-being. Additionally, he has served as the Team Physician for Cary High School for 25 years and has been inducted into their hall of fame.

Kevin Morrison, Dr. Martini’s physician assistant for nearly 10 years, will continue to serve Cary Ortho patients. Kevin has extensive expertise in sports medicine and non-operative arthritis management including regenerative medicine. He wants patients to know he will do his best to fill Dr. Martini’s shoes … and world-famous socks!

Dr. Martini’s impact extends far beyond the realm of sports medicine. His compassion, integrity and unparalleled skill have touched the lives of so many individuals, leaving a legacy that will be remembered for years to come. As he embarks on his new journey, we express our deepest gratitude for his invaluable contributions and wish him abundant joy and fulfillment in the days ahead.

Dr. Martini will continue to see patients until his last day, April 5.